Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Lindsay Family

Meet the Lindsay family.

I love them....LOVE!  This is the second time I've gotten to photograph them and I'm thrilled about that.

They are real.
They are hysterical.
They are a blast.

You don't have to wonder what anyone is thinking because they put it all out there.  Diva remarks are met with good-hearted comebacks.  There is lots of cracking up.


There are several pictures from this session that aren't necessarily blog appropriate, but made me literally laugh out loud when I was editing.  Anything around becomes an impromptu prop....anything!

It's like watching a sitcom and it's the best.

They are a normal family with lots of love for each. That makes them the perfect clients for me. :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lisa, Texas Tech Graduate

This is Lisa.  She's graduating from Texas Tech.  How exciting!

Is there a bigger, individual accomplishment in the world?  I think not.

I met Lisa when we were both in Spanish together at Texas Tech.
We turned a bad situation into a sweet friendship.  (How do you say ugh in Spanish?)

We teamed up every time we were given the opportunity to work in groups and did our best to overcome our Texas accents and enunciate those Spanish words.   (We also complained about our life issues to each other on our walks to the BA.  And I learned that she walks fast.  Really fast.  Good times.)

When she called me to ask if I would take her senior portraits, I was thrilled to get back together with my buddy.

And of course, since she is graduating from Tech, where else would we go for her session?